• Tier 3


    Provided by: Student Support Team - SST

    The Student Support Team is the problem-solving unit responsible for identifying, recommending and evaluating interventions at Tier III.

    TIER III: Intensive interventions specifically designed to meet the individual needs of students. Tier III is for students who have not been successful with Tier I and II supports.

    Tier III support is designed for students with low content area skills and/or a sustained lack of adequate progress when provided with primary and secondary interventions.

    Students will require instruction that is more explicit, more intensive, and specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

    Instruction is tailored to specific individual student learning goals.

    The duration of daily instruction is longer.

    Difference between Tier II and Tier III

     Frequency ---------more

     Duration -----------more

     Progress Monitoring ---- more; must have 4 assessment scores from the same assessment

    Tier III ensures that all students are successful by identifying and recommending interventions that are:

    1. Research/evidence based.

    2. Designed to address a specific deficit.

    3. Utilizes progress-monitoring data.

    Four assessment data scores are required at Tier III.

    Data must be from the same assessment.