• Jag2 History:

    Austin Road Elementary was established in 1993 and has served the Fairview Community for the past twenty-two years.  We are located approximately twenty-five minutes southeast of the city of Atlanta.  The Fairview Community is rapidly growing and is located in an area close in proximity to the airport and various plants.  Also, the community has several developments and businesses coming within the next three years (i.e. Shops of Stockbridge, Piedmont Hospital, etc…). Total enrollment for ARE ranges from 400 - 420 students of which, seventy percent participate in federal free or reduced breakfast and lunch program.    Our enrollment has decreased over the years, but free and reduce percentages have increased.   Contributors to the decline in enrollment are the economy and acquired Title I status.   Our student and staff population is a diverse community of learners that consists of African-Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, and Multi-racial families.  Our goal is to develop lifelong learners who have and utilize exceptional 21st Century skills to enter into college or a career.   

    Jaguar1        Mascot:

    Austin Road's mascot was originally a rocket.  The school was renovated in 2016.  With this change, the community voted to have the mascot change to a more child-friendly mascot.  The mascot is now a Jaguar.


    "Always Reaching Excellence; Excellence in Everything!"



             Blue        Gold

    Royal Blue     &      Gold