STEM LAB! 




    School Number (678) 389-6556



    I am Mrs. Stroud and I am so excited to teach your child in my classroom. Stem is being taught like a Specials. Your child will be coming weekly for 45 minutes just like they do in art and music. Stem is strictly structured. We are a lot like the regular classroom too. I will do a mini-lesson, an opportunity to model. They will utilize the Engineer Design Process or ask, plan, design(on paper), and create.  When one design does not work, groups will come back together to redesign and improve their product.Time is quickly gone and very precious. I will use the 4 C's to teach The Growth Mindset. 1. Critical Thinking 2. Collaboration 3. Creativity and 4. Communication. The 4 C's work together to enhance and grow the thought process, and increase working together as a group through collaboration and communication. Creativity flows from the builds and designs. And it is just FUN! We will build robots and other designs using VEX GO, Lego Spike and Lego BRIX IQ robotic kits. 


    I have been in education for many years. I received a Bachelor's of Science from Athens State University in Alabama. I earned a full academic scholarship in Biological Sciences that paid for my entire degree. I have taught first-fourth grade, specializing in gifted and talented areas. I have Endorsements in Gifted and Talented with a concentration in  K-12. I also have endorsements in middle school areas, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  I taught in Alabama at Wallace State Community College before moving to Georgia to continue my career. 


    Please contact me via Class Dojo with any questions or concerns. I will respond back within 24 hours, hopefully sooner. If I contact you, please know that I have spoken with your child several times explaining the school's SOAR expectations and the expectations in STEM LAB, and I need your help. 


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