Frequently Asked Questions about SST?
    What is SST? SST is a student-centered problem-solving process that is required to be available in every Georgia school. The purpose of the SST is to develop interventions to improve learning and/or behavior.
    Who serves on SST? The assistant principal, the MTSS chairs, grade level teachers, parents and other appropriate staff.
    What happens when SST meets? The meeting is held to address the concerns of the referred student. The team discusses recommendations and interventions such as modifications to instruction, to the school environment and/or educational resources. Recommendations are given to the classroom teacher for implementation over a period of time. Input from parents is encouraged and appreciated.
    Who do I contact for more information about SST? Please call the school at 770.389.6556. to speak to Dr. Olenka Golden (email:  olenka.golden@henry.k12.ga.us.