• Tier 1

    TIER I



    Provided by: Classroom teacher


    TIER I:  Quality classroom instruction based on Georgia Standards of Excellence.  


    Tier I instruction is designed to address the needs of the majority of a school's students.  By using flexible grouping, small group instruction, on-going assessment and targeting specific skills, classroom teachers are able to provide instructional needs.


    Alternative strategies and interventions for improvement of the student's skills will be implemented and the student's progress will be documented.


    Documentation of student performance must be provided.


    Tier I instruction incorporates four basic elements:

    * A high-quality program of instruction based on the curriculum and performance standards.

    * Use of quality research-based instructional strategies.

    * On-going assessment of students to determine instructional strengths and needs.

    * On-going professional development to provide teachers with necessary tools to ensure every student receives quality instruction.