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    Teacher Name: Mrs. Rosen
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    Subject: English IV 
    Tutoring Hours: 7:45AM-8:15 Monday-Friday by appointment
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    English IV 

    Why Do We Even Have This Class?

    Our society springs from British society more than any other. To truly understand a society you have to understand its culture—what they value, the way they think, and how they express themselves. Historically, literature is the most widely experienced form of art. 

    Thus, to understand each other as Americans, we must have some knowledge of where we and our culture comes from. British literature has affected the development of American society from the very beginning. 

    Course Objectives:  

    --Students will gain an appreciation of English literature—from 800 A.D. to the modern era.

    --Students will understand how the focus and tone of English literature has changed over time. 

    --Students will analyze English literature in terms of complex literary elements such as theme, tone, and motif.

    --Students will produce original writing that reflects their own purpose and analysis while adhering to the conventions of Standard English.

    --Students will create and deliver informative presentations in a variety of media to an audience of their classmates. 

    --Students will be ready to move on to college-level English work by the end of the school year.

    If questions, please e-mail me at arosen@henry.k12.ga.us. Thank you!
    Unit Plans and content can be accessed from Google Classroom.