• Welcome Historians
    Teacher Name:Mrs. Piseno
    School Email Address:sandra.piseno@henry.k12.ga.us
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     Welcome Historians! My name is Mrs. Piseno.                
    Courrent Courses:
    AP U.S. History and Honors US History.
    Gifted Endorsement, AP US History, AP World History, AP European History
    Political Science
    Early Childhood Education
    Educational background: 
    Bachelor of Arts History and Literature                                                                 
    Master of Arts in History 
    Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary History and Literature
    PhD American History
    Other Info:
    I am a veteran of the US Army.
    I have a background in global network communications, medical laboratory assistance, and education.
    I have been teaching since 2005.
    To be successful in my class you need:
    -Desire to learn
    -An open mind
    -Work ethic
    -Good behavior
    -Postive attitude
    -To be prepared-pens, paper, materials.



Degrees and Certifications: