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WELCOME to my page!  Here you can find VIDEOS with lots of fun Art activities!

Please take photos of your creations and e-mail them to me. Do not forget to include your name and your teacher code (grade level + teacher name) when you send me an e-mail!

I miss you! Have fun with your ART ;-)

1) Girls, do you want to learn how to make a skirt out of old jeans? Watch this From Old Jeans to New Skirt

2) Boys and Girls, maybe you will get inspired to build a birdhouse out of old wood... Watch this Bird House

3) I want to challenge you to make a portrait of yourself using Found Objects in your house! It is so fun! Try it and send me some pics ;-)

In this video you will see my family making our portraits, check it out - FOUNDobjectsPORTRAIT

(any age), materials: any found objects at home.

4) Here is another fun Recycling Project - HEDGEHOG

(any age), materials: plastic bottle, paint, pinecones or sweet gumtree balls (spiky balls in your yard) , hot glue.

5) Do you want to turn your old jeans into fun and unique jeans? Look at what I did with mine - Painted JEANS!

(for older grades), materials: jeans, ACRYLIC paint.

6) Choose any ideas or create your own Recycled Art out of metal - RecycleMetal

materials: metal cans, any metal...

7) Fun ideas for  Recycled Art out of plastic  - RecyclePlastic

materials: any plastic containers.

8) Here I used my wooden fence as the canvas, I painted my picture first and then screwed LOTS of plastic tops. Check it out --- Rooster

materials: plastic tops of any sizes and colors.

9) in this video my daughter will show you how to make HOMEMADE play-doh using a few easy ingredients - HOMEMADE Play-Doh

(for any age), materials: flour, salt, oil, water, food coloring.

10) Learn how to make an easy ROSE out of play-doh - play-doh ROSE

(for any age), materials; play-doh.

11) Let's make a COIL POT out of play-doh - play-doh COIL POT

(for any age), materials: play-doh.

12) Our Homes are our whole world right now. Celebrate the space you are in! DRAW HOME challenge - Draw HOME

(for any age), materials: crayons or markers.

13) Have fun making Zentangle portrait  - Zentangle Portrait

(for any age), materials: magazines, markers.

14) Paper weaving - Paper Weaving

(for any age), materials: construction paper, scissors, glue.

15) Have you ever made sculptures before? What about making one out of FOIL? watch this video ---  FoilSculptures , inspired from the famous Sweden sculptor Alberto Giacometti,

(for any age), materials : foil, scissors

16) Find some fruits and lets draw them, watch this video for some ideas ---  FRUITS   , inspired by the famous Still Life painters: Paul Cezanne, Lily Spencer, William Johnson,

(for any age), materials : oil pastels OR crayons OR paint...

17) Listen to the beautiful song "What a wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, maybe you will get inspired to draw something too, watch what I painted -- What a Wonderful World (part 2)) (for any age), any art supplies.

18) Do you want to learn how to make HOMEMADE watercolors? Watch this video I have made for you -  HOMEMADE watercolors

(for any grade) 

19) Here is a wonderful inspiration for your art project. Listen to this beautiful song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong and let's get inspired to paint what comes to yor mind after listening to it! What a Wonderful World! (part 1) (for any grade)

20) Do you have some carboard boxes laying around? Here is a fun art project for you. Elephant out of cardboard ;-)

(for older grades, adult help)

21) Here is a video I have created for you with a fun art project you can do at home using scrap paper ---  Matreshka-scrap paper art

And of course you can make your own scrap paper art.

22) Create a color wheel on your floor using items you have at home, look at this fun examples. COLOR WHEEL challenge

Do not forget to take a photo of your creation!


These art challenges are separated by grades, but you can choose any challenge from any grade level.  IT'S YOUR ART, have fun with it!

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