• Welcome to Digital Learning in Fourth Grade!
    Teacher Name: Sheri Elmer
    School Email Address: selmer@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach:4th Grade
    Click here to go to Classlink. Students will log in the same way they log in to their Chromebooks.  You will have access to all needed apps on Classlink.
    Click here to view a video showing how to insert an image on a Google Slide and submit to Google Classroom.
    ***Students Absent on Friday: Join our Homeroom Google Classroom with code jca6ssz.
    ***All Students: Join our Specials Google Classroom with code t4cwcr6.



    Thank you so much for your hard work and patience this last week!  I know the transition has not be easy on any of us!  We are all learning together as we go.  This e-mail will include a lot of information and links to help you.  I am trying to put everything in one place/e-mail instead of bombarding you with a million emails. 


    Week 1’s assignments

    Click here to view a Google Doc with information about what should have been turned in digitally for week 1.  It will also have a list of items that should have been completed on paper and kept in a folder to turn in when we go back to school on April 13. 


    Week 2

    Fourth grade teachers have worked together this week to create a document that has activities listed for the entire week.  This will help you know what students should be working on throughout the week.  Assignments listed as assessments will be graded and put in the gradebook.  Assignments listed under “use these to help practice” should be completed so that we can discuss them at our class’ daily Google Meet from 10-11.  All assignments, directions, and digital lessons will be posted on Google Classroom for students the same way they were last week.  Click here to view the Google Doc for parents.


    Daily Google Meet for students (10-11) - https://meet.google.com/fkd-gkye-yio


    How To Reach Me

    Students and parents can get in touch with me every day through e-mail (selmer@henry.k12.ga.us), Google Classroom, and Go Guardian (on student Chromebooks).  I can be reached between 8:00 and 3:30 daily.  I do my best to answer all messages received during that time quickly.  (I usually eat lunch around 12:00.  I may take a little longer to get back to you while I am fixing my lunch.)  There will be a live Google meet for students each day between 10:00 and 11:00.  Click here to join at 10:00.  Students can also click the link on their homeroom Google Classroom. 


    If you would like to have a one-on-one Google Meet (for parents), I have created a Signup Genius.  Click here to sign up for a meeting time.  I will send you a code once you sign up. 


    Daily Routine

    Each day, students should start by checking their homeroom Google Classroom.  There will be a daily video from me, a schedule, and possibly ROCK news.  They can follow the posted schedule if they would like.  They can also choose to work at their own pace.  If they finish something early, they can move on to the next assignment.  They should have all of the assignments completed and submitted by Friday afternoon so they can be graded.  Students should be sure they take time to read each day.  They can take AR tests on books that are read to them or that are on their level.


    Educational Links

    Classlink - https://launchpad.classlink.com/home?setLng=en#myapps

    Digital Reading Sites - https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/130111

    Media Center - https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/domain/3870

    Art – https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Domain/13932

    Music – https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Domain/11996

    PE – https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Domain/11995

    Ms. Elmer - https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Domain/3895

    Dice Games for Math (Attached)

    Bedtime Stories – 8:00-M-F - https://meet.google.com/wrx-rfmj-qrn


    Other Resources for Parents

    County Resources and Information - https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/130027

    Internet Assistance - https://www.highspeedinternet.com/resources/are-there-government-programs-to-help-me-get-internet-service and https://www.highspeedinternet.com/resources/are-there-government-programs-to-help-me-get-internet-service

    Emergency and Food Pantry Resources (Attached) and www.operationlunchbox.org

    Sign up for a Google Meet for Parents - https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0D45A8A62BA4FF2-digital

    Daily Google Meet for students (10-11) - https://meet.google.com/fkd-gkye-yio


    I have tried to include everything you need in this one e-mail.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anything!  If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Ms. Elmer