• Clubs and Organizations


    Schools must provide parents with a list of all clubs and organizations available to students. Parents/guardians should review this list, and if a student is granted permission to attend, a permission form for student participation will be sent to parents. Parents will be notified of any new additional clubs or organizations.


    Clubs and Organizations


    Pate’s Creek Elementary offers several clubs and organizations to provide students with an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.  Listed below are the clubs sponsored by our school.





    Ms. J. Thomas

    4th and 5th grade (By invitation only)

    Girls Book Club

    Ms.T.Johnson and Ms. Jewell

    2nd and 3rd grade (By invitation only)

    Boys Book Club

    Mr. Simons

    2nd and 3rd grade (By invitation only)  

    Reading Bowl

    Ms. B. Alexander

    4th and 5th grade (by invitation only)

    Girls of Distinction Club

    Ms. Simpson, Ms. Banks Mrs. Barlow, and Ms. S. Johnson

    4th and 5th grade

    Brothers of Virtue Male Mentoring Program

    Coach Wilkerson, Ms.K.Williams

    4th and 5th-grade boys (recommendations given by teacher)

    Student Council

    Ms. Rogers and Ms. Banks

    3rd, 4th, 5th (selected by election)

    Beta Club

    Mrs. Clarington and Mrs. K. Dixon

    4th and 5th grade (Grades used as criteria)





    **For the most part, these clubs will meet after regular school hours, and transportation will be the parent/guardian's responsibility on meeting days. If your child is eligible to participate and expresses a desire to participate, a permission slip will be sent home. This signed permission slip will be required for the student to be allowed to stay after school on meeting dates.