• Chorus

    This course is designed to further develop students’ vocal technique (posture, breath control, healthy tone production), music literacy skills (rhythmic reading, sight singing, solfege’, hand signs, note articulation, tempo, and dynamics), aural skills, ensemble skills (intonation, balance, expression), and knowledge of music history, multicultural music, and rehearsal and performance etiquette. Learning music is more than just notes and rhythms; it entails learning about the music and how to perform as a group. Because music-making is a collaborative process in rehearsal/class, attendance and participation are essential to the learning process. Every individual is significant in contributing to the overall success and experience of the entire choir. The crowning achievement and assessment of what has been studied is demonstrated through performance of the music; therefore, performances are vital to the successful music program. This course also aligns with the Georgia Performance Standards of Excellence for chorus students. Students will also be required to maintain a chorus notebook.

    Theatre Arts

    Sixth Grade Course Description: Students explore acting and improvisation. They learn the basic techniques of acting, character and voice development, presentation skills, and scriptwriting.

     Seventh Grade Course Description: Students incorporate sensory and emotional experiences and observation techniques into presentational theatre activities. They apply vocal and movement techniques appropriate to theatre activities and presentations. The students learn beginning technical theatre skills such as lighting and staging. Students begin performing in local school productions and participate in activities and workshops to enhance drama skills.

    Eighth Grade Course Description: Students continue to apply ensemble skills through pantomime, improvisation, and acting. They design and create simple scenery, costumes, props, lighting, sound, music, and/or makeup for dramatic presentations, using research skills as needed to gather resources. Students begin to create original scripts and adapt appropriate literature into scripted material for presentation.



Last Modified on August 18, 2022