• Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal Access Information

    Parents and Students:

    The Parent Portal allows you, the parent or guardian, access to your child’s grades via the Internet.

    You must obtain an Activation code in order to register on the Parent Portal. 

    To obtain the Activation code, go to https://campus.henry.k12.ga.us/cparent

    You will need to enter the requested information.

    On the next screen you will be given a 32 character code.
    To access the Campus Portal so that you can view student grades and attendance.
    Logging in to the Campus Portal: schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/campus/henry.jsp

    Using the GUID/Activation Key to Create Usernames and Passwords

    The Activation Key is only needed the first time the user accesses the portal.After that, the activation key will not work, and the username that was created should be used to log into the Portal.

    1. From the Portal Login page, select the Click Here link under the First Time Use heading. This option is only used the very first time the portal is accessed.

    2. The Click Here link will display an Activation Screen. Users will have been given an activation key (their 32-character GUID) that is entered here.

    3. Click the Submit button. The activation key will be verified and, when approved, will display a screen to create the User Name and Password.

    4. Enter a User Name. It is best to use an alphanumeric (letters and numbers) user name.

    5. Enter a Password. Again, it is best to use an alphanumeric password.

    6. Enter the password a second time in the Verify Password field.

    7. Click the Create Account button. This will create the username and password. The username and password will be verified, and upon approval the portal account will be created. Use the Click Here link on the account creation page to enter the user name and password to access the Portal information.

Last Modified on March 22, 2016