• Mrs. Elzie’s MISSION and VISION are to build capacity and influence teaching practices, one teacher at a time, while transforming classrooms from knowledge banks to learning labs, where teachers and students learn and flourish together. 


    As the Personalize Learning Instructional Lead, I have the pleasure of working alongside all teachers to improve instruction via professional development, additional instructional resources, in-class modeling and observation, co-teaching, on-going feedback, and continuous collaboration and planning. It is my goal to ensure success for each student at Stockbridge Middle School by working to prepare students for the next level. The ultimate goal is to see them excel in high school and progress to college, the armed forces, or the world of work. 

    If you ever need to contact me, I may be reached via email: Thereasa.Jayelzie @henry.k12.ga.us.

    I'm here to help your child succeed.