• Welcome to Austin Road Elementary

    Doris Mullins M.S. 

    K-2 IRR  Case Manager


     Queen Bees Soar with Done!


    The Queen produces working bees to work as a team to make excellent honey! The drones protect the hive while the queen and worker bees are busy at work. Here we work with your most precious babies, teaching them to be the best at what they do, while you are busy at work protecting their future! So, we say to you and yours, 

    Spread Your Wings and SOAR”.


    Communication with parents will be most effective through Dojo and or by phone. I will not be available to receive calls during school hours, but you are encouraged to leave a message with the office and I will return your call at my earliest convenience. 


    Please signup for Infinite Campus to stay in the know and update on your child's grades for each subject. Signup for "Here Comes The Bus APP" is located on the Austin Road Elementary Website. The app enables you to keep track of where your child and bus are.


    Inaddition, let your child's Homeroom teacher know how your child will be transported to and from school. Will they come via bus or car? If you choose to pick up your child by car, stop in the front office and get a Car-rider Sign to hang from your front rearview mirror. 


    Thank you for your time and consideration this upcoming year.