Our Personalized Learning journey began in 2014 when we became one of six schools in Henry County that started to personalize education for students. Today, we are continuing the journey that will help our students be more successful with their college and career paths. Our journey will be documented here in the Personalized Learning Tab. This is an exciting time for learning and Hampton Middle. We hope you will come by to see our school, teachers, and students in action.
     hornet What is Personalized Learning? 

    Personalized Learning is standards-based instruction centered within an environment where students can take ownership of their learning. Gone are the days of a “one size fits most” approach to education. Personalized Learning recognizes the individual and celebrates student diversity by meeting students where they are.


    At Hampton Middle School that means we individualize each student’s experience. No two students are exactly alike. They will come with different backgrounds, interests, and goals. We celebrate that diversity by planning standards-based lessons that honor who each child is individually. We also assist students in monitoring data and setting goals so that they continue to grow and develop while here at HMS.