• Hampton Middle School  

    Overarching Areas for Improvement Effective processes and procedures during Collaborative Planning will lead to improvements in Tier 1 Instruction with a focus on differentiation and rigor. Data driven instruction that focuses on individual students. Improvement of the culture where students want to be in school and are engaged when they come to school. Focus on improving a supportive learning environment by building relationships in the building with teachers and students and decreasing discipline referrals. Increase in students reading at or above grade level by intentional data digs that focus on individual student performance on Fall, Winter, and Spring Map assessments. Improved monitoring of MAP assessments to ensure that students take them during each administration. Specific Reading and Writing Strategies across the curriculum that is consistent and monitored.
    Goal #1: Goal #1: Hampton Middle School increases the percentage of students in grade 8 reading on or above grade level from 68% to 78% as measured by the 2024 Spring MAP Assessment.
    Goal #2: Goal #2: Hampton Middle School will increase the percentage of students in Algebra 1 scoring proficient and above on the 2024 Georgia Milestones Assessment from 12 % (based on 2022 – 2023) to 22%.
    Goal #3: Hampton Middle School will improve the supportive learning environment through the effective implementation of PBIS with the following targets: increase student attendance from 92% to 95% and increase the number of students with 1 or fewer behavior referrals from 79% to 89%.