Savage Mentality Mentoring Program

  • Mr. Edward Winslow – CEO & Founder

    My name is Edward Winslow and I am the founder and CEO of Savage Mentality Mentoring. It brings me great honor to be a part of the Hampton Middle Hornets family. This will be my 4th year of mentoring but my 2nd year with Hampton Middle. I was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana and moved to Georgia at a young age with my father. I am married to my beautiful wife BraSheia and a father of 5.

    I am currently the Campus Safety Monitor (CSM) here at Hampton Middle. I graduated from Monroe High School with honors and received my degree from Southwestern College in San Diego, California.

    My vision is to empower males to reach their full potentials while battling life’s challenges externally and internally.



    Saving One Brother To Raise A Man 

    Savage Mentality Mentoring Program will establish and unite each member to form relationships, friendships, and a brotherhood promoting trust, respect, happiness, and moral support.

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                                          Edward J. Winslow