East Lake procedures for parents and relatives having lunch with students:


    • Visitors must sign in at the office with proper identification.  
    • Lunch visitors must be listed on the student's emergency information provided by the enrolling parent. 
    • Lunch visitors must report directly to the cafeteria, not  any other classroom or area. 
    • Visitors and their student must utilize the guest tables on the stage as seating at the cafeteria tables are reserved for students and is limited. 
    • Students may not take a friend with them to the guest table as their reserved seat is at the class table and seating is limited. 
    • Visitors may only provide food for their personal child. 
    • Because of dietary restrictions and allergies, students may NOT share cupcakes, cookies, pizza, etc. with their classmates. 
    • Once the designated lunch period is over, visitors must report to the office and check-out. Visitors may NOT accompany the student to their class. 


Last Modified on July 6, 2021