OMS Art Club

  • Art Club gives students the opportunity to meet twice a month in a more relaxed and informal setting to discuss and work on art. Students will work on projects as a group, something of their own interest or may use the time as an extension of an enrolled art class. The art club is a fun way to use your talents to give back and fellowship with other artists. The Art Club may be asked or invited to participate in area shows, field trips, ect.

Atlanta trip


    The success of the Art Club depends on the attendance and participation of each member during projects, trips, and events. Everyone is welcome to participate in any or all projects. Students will be highly encouraged and welcomed to join in the different artistic events. Attendance will be taken at all projects and Art Club meetings. ART CLUB meetings are required attendance and generally last no longer than 1 hour. If you are unable to make a meeting please contact Mrs. Park in advance.



    If your student is interested in joining Art Club please email Mrs. Park with the students first and last name so they can be added to the Art Club Google Classroom.

    Students do not have to be in art class to a member of the Art Club



    Mrs. Park is the art club sponser and art teacher for OMS

    Mrs. Park