Information concerning Remote Learning Days for LGMS Band
    Thursday, 3/26 update - Please refer to Google Classroom and group emails from me for all further updates to Band information and assignments concerning Remote Learning.  
    Tuesday, 3/17 Update - Please read all updates on Google Classroom.  All grade levels have a Remote Learning Practice Log due on Friday.  7th and 8th Grade have an Evaluation Assignment due TOMORROW and 6th Grade needs to post their Concert Bb Scale video on Flip Grid by Friday.  That will be two grades for all grade levels for this week.  I will post another Practice Log and new assignments next week. 
    I posted final grades from Term 3 today.  Again, some of those grades are low due to not having turned in work.  Please make sure you are turning in completed work and following directions during this time of remote learning since that will be the only grades you will be getting at this time.  I will begin putting in grades from this week as well.   
    Monday, 3/16 Update - I have posted two messages with practice suggestions and a practice log for all grade levels in Google Classroom today.  The practice log needs to be submitted by Friday!  I have also posted a asignment for 7th and 8th grade that is due Wednesday on music evaluation.  
    6th Grade - Two Flip Grid links have been posted on Google Classroom.  One is for you to video your Concert Bb Scale.  The other is a link for your to be able to send me questions or play something for me that you would like some feedback on.  
    Please know that my main concern for students work for band in the upcoming weeks is for them to continue playing on their instrument as much as possible.  I think 30-45 minutes per day is sufficient to keep them in shape and progressing.  I will be posting some weekly assignments and guidance for practice along with a weekly practice log and reflection on Google Classroom.  Please have them check that regularly.  Thank you for encouraging them to continue progressing and working in this most unconventional time of learning!  I look forward to seeing everybody again as soon as possible!  
    Please feel free to email me at any time at kbiffle@henry.k12.ga.us if you have any questions. 

    Kreg Biffle
    LGMS Band Director

Last Modified on March 26, 2020