Ms. Seema Dhody, Science Teacher

  • Why Ms. Dhody?  Ms. Dhody not only displays a positive disposition and kindness to all of her colleagues, but she fosters that same relationship-building in her own classroom. She offers flexible pacing for her students so that they may work through units and projects in their own time, and she incorporates project and inquiry-based learning in order for students to learn material. She has high expectations of all of her students – from her Biology courses to her Academic Decathlon club. Ms. Dhody ensures that her students are ready for life after high school by asking students to master 21st century skills like effective communication, collaboration with peers, and critical thinking and creativity in real-world projects.
  • What Ms. Dhody's students have to say:
    “I like that she lets us work at our own pace. She’s really nice and uses PowerPoints and direct instruction to teach us the best way she can.”
    "I like how she’s really active and talks to students instead of just giving us work. She goes in depth in different subjects and actually answers our questions.”
    "She gives you time to turn in assignments even if they’re late.  She works with you when you don’t understand a topic.”