• Entrepreneurship (Dual-Enrollment)

    Entrepreneurship is a series of 4 classes offered as dual-enrollment with Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC).  It is the only dual-enrollment Entrepreneurship class in Henry County at this time.  Students who complete this class will earn a TCC (Technical Certificate of Credit) in Entrepreneur Management from SCTC, 2.0 Carnegie Units of CTAE credit toward their high school graduation requirements and 12 semester hours of college credit from Southern Crescent.
    The course is open to any high school students enrolled at EXCEL Academy who apply and pass the three sections of the COMPASS entrance test.  Tuition and books are paid through the Georgia Hope Grant, and fees are waived since the students are in high school.
    The course is rigorous - don't enroll if you don't want to think and work hard.  The benefit is that you will be better prepared to open your own business (not to mention having college credit before you graduate high school!).
    Instruction is blended, with a significant amount of coursework delivered online.  Students use blogs, wikis, threaded discussions, instant messaging, and email to collaborate and interact when working in geographically disparate areas.  Real world career skills are developed, with required work in a School-Based Enterprise (both as an employee and supervisor), reception and clerical duties, and use of common office devices such as time clocks, interoffice mail and the like. 
    All classwork is tied to the venture the student would like to open.  The capstone project is the presentation of a business plan for the enterprise to local businesspeople, who play the role of venture capitalists, evaluating the viability of the student business plans.
    We are very excited to offer this course, and believe it will be one more way that we help Henry County go from good - to great!

    Here's our students having chili during our working lunch on January 30, 2009 when we planned our business plan presentations and DECA organization.

    Here's some pictures of two of our Entrepreneurship students who are interested in Global commerce who were invited by Representative Gerald Greene, to the 47th annual pre-legislative session "Wild Hog Dinner" at the depot adjacent to the GA Legislature:

    Pictures from the China field trip in October 2008:
    Here's an assortment of pictures from our field trip.  We flew from Atlanta to Shanghai, rode the Maglev train, went to Beijing, saw the Great Wall, visited several schools and met with dignitaries from Business, Government, and Education.  We went to several other cities (each of which had a population greater than the state of Georgia!), ultimately ending up in Hangzhou where we presented greetings to our sister school.

    Here are some pictures from our Feb 27, 2008 field trip for Entrepreneurship Day at the Capitol: