• Jack Hartmann YouTube Channel:  Jack has hundreds of educational videos on his YouTube channel which are great for helping PK-2nd grade learn and practice all kinds of reading, math, science & social studies concepts including: letters, letter sounds, sight words, grammar, counting, adding, subtracting, planets, famous heroes & more!  He even has dance videos!  Once you subcribe to his channel, you will have access to all of his posted videos.  You can also search YouTube for Jack Hartmann.  Kids love all of his videos! Try it out and see!  



    Schoolhouse Rock Videos are back!  If you are as old as I am, you learned a lot about grammar, math, science, and social studies from these videos!  Some of the songs are still stuck in my head and help me remember grammar rules!  These are great for 2nd-5th graders and might bring back some old memories for you or your kids' grandparents!  Check it out!  



    Get Georgia Reading is a campaign to promote reading during summer vacation with free access to e-books.  However, during school closures due to the coronavirus, Get Georgia Reading is providing resources to families, including free e-books and links to many other learning websites.