• Language games - Encourage your child to click on one of the following links to play these fun, educational games that will increase his/her language skills: 

    Quia - articulation and language games   http://www.quia.com/pages/havefun.html






    Tips to encourage language skills

    - Remember your language level - don't use words or sentences that your child will not understand.  Speak to them using language they can understand, and explain any new words. 

    - Repeat grammatical errors in corrected form. 

    - Gain the student's attention before speaking. 

    - use open-ended questions rather than those which can be answered by one or two words. 

    - If a student does not respond to your question/comment, repeat your communication in simpler, less complex form. 

    - Observe and comment - when you are playing with your child, take a step back, do not feel that you have to fill the silences, justocmment on the things your child is doing so they can hear (and learn) the new vocabulary.